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Get a detailed report revealing your SaaS messaging issues and practical steps to fix them.

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Who should get a SaaS messaging teardown, and when?

This analysis is valuable for SaaS founders, C-suite executives, communication and marketing managers, and other SaaS pros with decision-making power.

Poor audience engagement

Disinterested target audiences may suggest messaging issues, such as information overload or lack of clear value proposition.

Low free-to-paid conversion

Communication is key to providing an intuitive experience to existing users. If messaging clarity is missing, people may drop your platform.

High churn rate

Low communication standards and faulty messaging will result in poor user engagement and dissatisfied customers

Why Should You Order a Teardown Report?

Gain an in-depth understanding of how your SaaS messaging aligns in terms of consistency, clarity, and quality.

Get expert opinion about your SaaS messaging.
Discover what’s wrong with your SaaS messaging.
Fix messaging errors with clear and practical solutions.
Align your messaging across channels for consistency.
Improve the experience of your prospects and customers.
Increase your audience’s trust in your SaaS brand.

What Does a Teardown Report Look Like?

The report provides a 360° overview of SaaS messaging across your channels and assets, from platform microcopy and knowledge base to blog and email workflows.

The teardown report will include the following elements: 

Brand voice and messaging consistency
Message clarity and conciseness
Overall analysis of messaging quality
Message alignment with target audiences
Buyer / user journeys coherence
Actionable recommendations and fixes
Q&A call to discuss the report
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How Does It Work?

Go from weak to impactful SaaS messaging in 4 steps.

Book a free 30-minute discovery call. We’ll discuss your situation, goals, and whether I can help you.
Make the one-time payment and submit additional links and assets I may request for the teardown analysis.
You’ll receive a personalized teardown report with my recommendations, within 10 days after making the payment.
We’ll schedule a Q&A call to look over the report and discuss the fixes you can apply to your SaaS messaging.

Book a Free Discovery Call

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What assets should I provide for the teardown report?

For the SaaS messaging teardown report, I’ll analyze all your public pages and assets, such as website, blog, knowledge base or help center, changelog, newsletters and email sequences, platform microcopy, YouTube channel, university and certifications, and social media. We’ll discuss the list of assets during our 30-minute discovery call.

How do I submit these assets?

We’ll discuss the list of assets during our 30-minute discovery call. Note that I may request your ICP analysis to understand your target audience. Also, I may ask for access to your SaaS platform if a free trial is not offered. Only this way I’ll be able to analyze the microcopy.

Do you have a framework for assessing SaaS messaging?

Yes, I follow a well-defined and structured framework for assessing SaaS messaging. The framework covers the analysis of key messaging aspects such as consistency, clarity, quality, and alignment with target audiences.

What issues can you identify and address?

The teardown report helps identify and address multiple issues, such as messaging and brand voice inconsistencies, lack of clarity, quality problems, and misalignment. For example, the report will highlight whether you’re overwhelming and confusing your target audiences or missing the opportunity to communicate your product’s value. This report will give you an overall understanding of your current situation, as well as clear recommendations on how to improve it.

How long does it take until I receive the report?

You’ll receive the teardown report in 7 days from making the payment.

What if I need additional support?

If you need additional support beyond the initial teardown report and Q&A call, we can discuss customized solutions tailored to your specific needs.

What should I do if I encounter any issues?

If you have any doubts, questions, or issues, please send me an email at victoria@saasminds.com