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Communication Strategies To Grow Your SaaS

Poor communication is slowly killing your SaaS. 🔪 And ChatGPT can’t fix it. Learn to communicate efficiently with your teams and audiences for predictable results and consistent revenue growth.

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Everything SaaS Is Communication ☝️

Communication stays at the core of SaaS growth, fueling all operations and powering interactions between team members and audiences. 

Strong team communication leads to results-driven interactions between brands and audiences.

The reverse is equally true. 

The failure to communicate a product’s value proposition internally will result in bad outbound and inbound outcomes. 

Internal bureaucracy and messy feedback workflows will translate into burnout and low-quality output. 

Lack of communication standards will trigger subpar customer support, inevitably increasing churn rates. 

How you communicate can make or break your SaaS. The messier your team comm, the worse your interactions will be with audiences.

Do You Have a Problem With Communication? 💥

SaaS teams may be oblivious to their communication practices and workflows, creating unnecessary complexity, confusion, uncertainty, action misalignment, and ultimately revenue decline. Is this also your case? Be honest when answering the questions below to find out.

Team Communication

  • Do you use the same words across teams?
  • Does your team share the same understanding?
  • Are people transferring knowledge & skills?
  • Do you document & socialize your processes?
  • Do you encourage open feedback?
  • Do you have a communication guideline? 

Audience Communication

  • Is your copy aligned with your positioning?
  • Do you have a strategy for signaling expertise?
  • Is your message adapted to audience’s profile?
  • Do you use the same brand voice everywhere? 
  • Is your brand language clear & transparent? 
  • Is your narrative aligned across teams?

Poor Communication Has a Domino Effect 🚫

Bad communication leads to a chain reaction of problems that affect multiple aspects of a SaaS business. Poor team communication practices will result in project failures and clumsy interactions with audiences.

Team Communication Issues

  • Goals and action misalignment
  • Lack of knowledge and skill transfer
  • Redundancy and inefficiency
  • Poor decision-making processes
  • Conflict and lack of collaboration
  • Communication overload & fatige
  • Decrease in work quality
  • Failure to complete projects
  • Problems to meet deadlines
  • Low rate of talent retention

Audience Communication Issues

  • Disjoint revenue strategies and tactics
  • Average content nobody cares about
  • Inefficient marketing messaging
  • Distrust and negative brand image
  • Weak sales outreach campaigns
  • Low quality leads
  • Reduced number of closed deals
  • Confused and unhappy customers
  • High churn rate
  • Lack of profit and growth

Poor Communication → Revenue Decline 😱

“Everyone knows how to communicate.” Do you think the same? If yes, your SaaS may face unwanted consequences, as the ones revealed by the 2023 report, The State of Business Communication. The data shows that ineffective communication translates into bad business results.

Decreased productivity
Missed deadlines
Increased costs
Lost Deals
68% of executives who lost deals due to miscommunication claim that it has cost them $10k, and 13% of them estimate that lost deals have cost them $50k or more.
Low Satisfaction
1 in 5 executives say they’ve experienced eroded brand credibility as a result of poor communication. 31% of business leaders see low customer satisfaction. 

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Get Good at Communicating & Expand Your SaaS

Whether interacting with teams, prospects, or customers, resolving inefficient communication is key to business growth. You can do that by considering and working on the principles that stay at the base of the Communication Alignment Framework.

Self-Awareness: Observe how you communicate

Intention: Know the impact you want to create

Clarity: Avoid confusion & uncertainty

Transparency: Provide truthful information

Emotion: Use emotions and stories to connect

Willingness to Share: Transfer knowledge & skills

Consistency: Be coherent in your messages

Standardization: Create company handbook 🗂

Don’t Hinder The Growth of Your SaaS

Efficient communication is key to building a powerful team, connecting with audiences, driving quality leads, lowering churn rate, and boosting revenue expansion.

Team communication

Align your teams for predictable results

Ensure explicit learning within your company

Make asynchronous communication efficient

Improve reporting and task management

Eliminate time waste at work

Make informed decisions

Reduce internal bureaucracy

Improve team cooperation

Cultivate a transparent work culture

Ensure high rate of talent retention

Audience Communication

Articulate a powerful value proposition

Break through the online noise

Refine your marketing and sales campaigns

Run impactful sales outreach campaigns

Stay top of mind with leads and customers

Connect with your target audience

Ensure positive brand image

Engage and keep your customers happy

Build a brand people love ❤️

Instill Rigor in Your Communication Practices for Strong Market Positioning and Revenue Growth

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