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Fix miscommunication before it affects your leads & users

Consulting and messaging teardowns to help you fix broken communication practices that hinder your company’s growth.

Simplify knowledge management
Build strong communication practices
Reach communication alignment
Achieve messaging consistency
Optimize SaaS messaging for clarity
Create ultra-personalized communication

Do these SaaS team issues sound familiar?

Reinventing the wheel every day
Misalignment between teams
Low productivity and missed deadlines
Bottlenecks in decision-making
Increased communication errors
Communication burnout

Do you experience these SaaS growth issues? 

Inconsistent brand perception
Audience engagement decline
Low conversion rates
Difficulty in acquiring new customers
High churn rates among users
Negative social proof

Multiple SaaS Issues, One Root Cause

Miscommunication among teams and with target audiences triggers multiple SaaS growth issues.

hire me to fix the root cause

According to The State of Business Communication by Grammarly, poor comms equals bad results.

43% decreased productivity
42% missed deadlines & 38% increased costs
1 in 5 executives say they’ve experienced eroded brand credibility as a result of poor communication.
68% of executives who lost deals due to bad comm claim that it has cost them $10k.
13% of them estimate that lost deals have cost them $50k or more.

Communication Can Make or Break Your SaaS

Most SaaS issues can be traced back to communication errors at a System, Workflow, and Human level.

System Errors

Components necessary for the existence of a SaaS brand

  • Bad documentation
  • Lack of standardization
  • Limited knowledge transfer
  • Faulty incentives scheme
  • High level of bureaucracy

Workflow Errors

Processes required to maintain and sustain a system

  • Working in silos
  • Low transparency
  • Slow speed of truth
  • Weak feedback loops
  • Operational inconsistencies

Human Errors

Pros initiating interactions to accompany the workflows

  • Limited self-awareness
  • Poor comms skills
  • Constrained authenticity
  • Lack of knowledge depth
  • Limited empathy

Available for a Full-Time Role—Interested in Hiring Me?

I’d love to join a SaaS team as an integrated communication expert, full-time and with relocation.

Facilitate knowledge transfer between teams
Implement controlled language across teams
Develop strong comms strategies & practices
Ensure messaging simplicity and consistency
Conduct research for messaging personalization
Offer internal training and workshops

Book a 90-minute Consulting Session

Jump into a high-intensity work session and receive actionable insights to get unstuck.

We can work on multiple issues:

internal documentation
knowledge / skill transfer
(async) team communication
brand consistency
ideal customer profile
messaging issues
and many more ...

Order a Messaging Teardown

Get a detailed video on what’s wrong with your product and brand messaging and how to fix it.

This video will help you:

identify term inconsistencies
remove confusing elements
detect brand voice disunity
assess gaps in messaging personalization
detect issues with messaging continuity
reveal content value shortcomings
evaluate the simplicity and clarity of messages