Privacy Policy

Last Updated: September, 2023

Your Privacy Matters

You won’t find any annoying cookie banners on this website. SaaS Minds doesn’t use Google Analytics or another dystopian tracking system. Your privacy is important. Instead, SaaS Minds analytics are powered by Fathom Analytics, a brilliant privacy-first website analytics tool created by Paul Jarvis and Jack Ellis.

The Problem

As Paul Jarvis notes in one of his articles:

“By using free software like Google Analytics, website owners freely give Google all the data about their website visitors, which can be matched to other website data from other websites, allowing Google’s advertising network to collect a lot of information about each one of us who uses the internet. So essentially, by using Google Analytics, people get free website analytics but trade the personal data from their visitors. It honestly doesn’t feel like a fair or an ethical trade.”

Although I’ve worked as a SaaS marketing professional for almost a decade, I’m growing more and more worried about tracking website visitors (read more) and launching targeted advertising (read more). I’m still researching this topic but I definitely believe we should approach online tracking and advertising differently.

Privacy-Focused Website Analytics

As a solution for measuring my efforts, I use Fathom Analytics, a privacy-focused tool for managing website analytics. I trust Fathom Analytics because it: 

-> Doesn’t track individuals.
-> Compared to Google Analytics, Fathom Analytics is a software company that charges a fair price for its website analytics tool.
-> Is compliant with privacy regulations, such as GDPR (including Schrems II), ePrivacy (Cookie Law), PECR, COPPA, and CCPA.
-> Fathom Analytics also invented a method for processing EU visitor data on EU servers owned by EU companies.
-> Fathom Analytics is great for page speed performance and SEO.
-> Automatically block bots, crawlers and DDoS attacks.
-> Is providing essential website traffic information.

Let’s continue with the nitty-gritty.

Generating Website Analytics Without Invading Your Privacy

Thanks to Fathom Analytics, I can see the following website data without knowing who you are

-> People on  site
-> Overall visitors
-> Views
-> Average time on the website
-> Bounce rate
-> Event completion
-> Entries, viewers, and views for specific content, such as blog posts, referrers, device type, browsers, countries, and campaigns.

To make things more interesting, I made public the analytics dashboard of the SaaS Minds website.

The Maze Newsletter

I use Audienceful for capturing your email address and for sending my newsletter. By the way, did you subscribe to The Maze newsletter by SaaS Minds? 🙂

If interested in how Audienceful handles data, please read its privacy policy.

“In accordance with GDPR, we store only the minimum data required to support our platform, far less than most email marketing platforms. We do not store any IP addresses or location data from people signing up to receive or opening emails sent using our platform. We do not use 3rd party cookies, and we use privacy-focused support and analytics tools whenever possible.”

Moreover, the Audienceful team highlights the following: 

A new EU-US data privacy framework is expected later in 2023. This is predicted to replace the Privacy Shield Framework invalidated by Schrems II and clear up current uncertainties involved with using US-based cloud software. Once this comes into effect we plan to migrate from SCCs to full certification under the new framework.

You have the option to unsubscribe at any time by following the instructions which are included in each newsletter you’ll receive.  

Your email address is safe. I will never sell, lease, or rent your data to third parties.

The Meeting Scheduler

I use to schedule Discovery Calls. If interested in how Cal handles data, please read its privacy policy

Other Tools

Soon, I’ll be incorporating the use of other digital tools, such as Lemon Squeezy. I’ll update this page when I’ll incorporate these other digital solutions.


If you have any questions, send me an email at I’ll be happy to hear from you and address all of your doubts.