I’m Victoria Rudi, the mind behind SaaS Minds—pun intended. 🧠 With almost a decade of SaaS experience, I have helped SaaS companies to attract new business opportunities and grow their revenue. 

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The 'Why' Behind My Work

Experience showed me that SaaS people overlook the role of communication when interacting with other team members or target audiences. And this mistake comes at a very high price for SaaS businesses.

Communication stays at the core of SaaS, fueling all its operations. Also, it involves multiple crucial intricacies we don’t even think about. For this reason, I help SaaS companies fix communication issues before their leads and users experience them.

Main Expertise

SaaS experience > 8 years working with worldwide SaaS brands

Communication > Degree in Journalism & Communication

Audience Engagement > 8 years as an inbound pro and content creator

Analysis & Research > 5 years of academic experience as a researcher

Best SaaS Teams I Worked With

Eventtia 🇫🇷 🇨🇴

Demio 🇺🇸

Banzai 🇺🇸

Navattic 🇺🇸

LeadDelta 🇨🇦

Upvoty 🇳🇱

Taskade 🇺🇸

Zkipster 🇺🇸

SaaS Tools I Love & Use

Notion: That’s my personal knowledge hub.

Basecamp: Not using this solution as much as I’d like but it’s great.

Tally: Best solution for creating forms. ❤️

Webflow: The king of my favorite tools.

Fathom Analytics: I’m really digging the privacy thing more and more.

Riverside: Great for podcasts.

Slack: Didn’t use it in a long time. I miss it.

Loom: Great tool to create my short videos.

Circle: Used it and loved it. Will use it again when I’ll build my community.

Grammarly: English isn’t my first language.

Audienceful: A truly great experience when designing emails.

Lemon Squeezy: Can wait to try it.

Writer: Why didn’t I discover this tool earlier?

Books I Love & Recommend

Critical Thinking for Strategic Intelligence by Katherine Hibbs Pherson & Randolph H. Pherson

The Messy Middle by Scott Belsky

Company of One by Paul Jarvis

Streaming, Sharing, Stealing by Michael D. Smith & Rahul Telang

Best Articles I’ve Read

Product Zeitgeist Fit: A Cheat Code for Spotting and Building the Next Big Thing (link)

Customers Love Free Stuff … But That’s Not Your Problem (link)

Five ways to build a $100 million business (link

1,000 True Fans (link)

How to Write Something Compelling (link)

$0 to $10,000,000 in ARR bootstrapped - how to achieve the impossible? (link)

Peter Thiel’s Religion (link)

Build a Personal Monopoly (link)

Stripe: Thinking Like a Civilization (link)

The Metaverse: What It Is, Where to Find it, and Who Will Build It (link)

Things I Do When I’m Away From SaaS Minds

Long walks in nature

Economy & finance books to understand how the world works

System thinking and intelligence analysis books to think better

Fiction books: Karl Ove Knausgård is my favorite author

Art: Engaging in cultural activities and learning about my favorite painters

Random: Love espresso, Moleskin notebooks, and Japanese jazz of the 70s/80s

Available for a Full-Time Role—Interested in Hiring Me?

I’d love to join a SaaS team as an integrated communication expert, full-time and with relocation.

Facilitate knowledge transfer between teams
Implement controlled language across teams
Develop strong comms strategies & practices
Ensure messaging simplicity and consistency
Conduct research for messaging personalization
Offer internal training and workshops