Audience Mapping

Gain precision when tailoring your messages. Check out these questions to research and define your target audience (enterprise edition).

A. Organization

Exploring the internal structure and procedures influencing the decision-making processes.

B. Maturity

Understanding the level of knowledge and education ideal prospects have regarding challenges and solutions.

C. Stakeholders

Understanding the enterprise ICP’s business and mapping out its stakeholders, such as customers and partners.

D. Industry

Exploring the context of the enterprise ICP, including market, trends, main players, and competitors.

E. Narrative

Identifying the linguistic terms, meanings, and understandings that are integral to the operation of the enterprise ICP.

F. Tech

Analyzing the overall tech stack and tech expertise of the enterprise ICP.

Available for a Full-Time Role—Interested in Hiring Me?

I’d love to join a SaaS team as an integrated communication expert, full-time and with relocation.

Facilitate knowledge transfer between teams
Implement controlled language across teams
Develop strong comms strategies & practices
Ensure messaging simplicity and consistency
Conduct research for messaging personalization
Offer internal training and workshops